We Make Your Home Our Top Priority

At XDevBase, we enhance your income management, freeing you to follow your passions. Our web app features advanced tracking, AI-driven advice, and a marketplace connecting you to renters and suppliers, all designed to offer a seamless real estate investment experience without the usual stress and responsibilities.


Harold Jin

Founder & CEO

Harold, the visionary behind XDevBase, is a testament to unwavering commitment in the realms of software and systems automation, a fervor that has propelled him to the forefront of his domain. Beyond his professional pursuits, Harold has delved into the world of real estate investment over time. Yet, as his portfolio of properties burgeoned, he faced the intricate challenge of efficiently managing an escalating number of rental properties to maximize return on investment (ROI). In response, Harold launched XDevBase in 2021, fueled by an ambition to devise a system that not only simplifies property management through innovative automation but also amplifies the earning potential for property proprietors.

Despite early hurdles, Harold's path with XDevBase is underscored by a deep-seated belief in the revolutionary impact of technology. With an unwavering emphasis on customizing property management automation and boosting rental revenue, Harold is dedicated to cultivating a venture that delivers real value to property owners. His optimism is rooted in a firm belief that if XDevBase can significantly enhance the efficiency of his personal property management efforts, it will surely appeal to a wider market, addressing a fundamental gap in the real estate sector and setting the stage for increased financial prosperity for investors akin to him.

"The team really took the lead to help us manage our home and gave me the time back for other important things in life."

- Claire Li