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Basic Service

  • Ideal for hosts who wants to own the hosting experience of our guests.
  • May want to own cleaning and design.
  • Significantly lower service fee compared to Full Service.
What makes us ideal for hosts who want to only own the hosting experience for their guests?
Our services are designed for hosts who prefer to be hands-on with their hosting experience. We provide the platform and customer support for managing your property, taking the nuanced communication out of your way so you can focus your time on creating a personalized hosting experience for your guests.
How do we help hosts who want to manage their own cleaning and design?
We empower hosts by allowing them to oversee cleaning and design aspects of their property. You will have the flexibility to maintain your space according to your standards, ensuring that it reflects your unique style and meets your cleanliness preferences, all while benefiting from our platform's support and resources.
What sets us apart in terms of service fees compared to Full Service options?
We offers significantly lower service fees compared to our Full Service, making it a cost-effective choice for hosts who just want to control the hosting experience. By choosing us, you can maximize your profits while still benefiting from essential support and resources to enhance your hosting capabilities.
How can hosts benefit from partnering with us?
By partnering with us, you gain access to a platform that prioritizes your autonomy as a host while providing essential tools and support to help you succeed. Whether you want to manage cleaning and design or simply prefer a lower service fee structure, we offers a tailored solution that empowers you to make the most of your hosting experience and maximize your property's profitability.

Full Service

  • Ideal for hosts who is often remote and doesn't want to be deal with customers and onsite logistics.
  • Both the listing and premise will be always be professionally maintained and updated.
  • Hosts will be completely hands-off only needing to approve repair or enhancement budget.
How do we cater to hosts who are often remote and prefer not to deal with customers and onsite logistics?
We offer a solution for hosts who want a hands-off approach by handling customer interactions and onsite logistics on their behalf. This allows remote hosts to focus on other priorities while ensuring their property is professionally managed and maintained to the highest standards.
What services do we provide for physical space design and maintenance, and is there an additional fee for these services?
We ensure that both the listing and premises are professionally maintained and updated, including physical space design services. Hosts can benefit from expert design solutions without the hassle, with any associated fees clearly outlined for approval before implementation, giving hosts control over their property's aesthetic appeal.
Do we offer support for offline guest requests or special accommodations beyond standard online interactions?
We provides comprehensive support for offline guest requests, accommodating any special needs or requests seamlessly. Our team is equipped to handle a variety of guest inquiries and ensure a positive experience, even when communication occurs outside of the online platform or the requests need to be handled offline.
How do we manage photography and other hosting-related operations for remote hosts who prefer a hands-off approach?
We take care of all hosting-related operations, including professional photography services, to showcase your property in the best light. Remote hosts can rest assured that their listing is optimized for success without needing to be directly involved, with the option to approve budgets for repairs or enhancements as needed to maintain the property's appeal and functionality.

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